Cigarette smoke smell on people mmmmmm tasting smoke when kissing them skdkdkd ddd mmmmmmm dead and dying rn

I got an actual seven hours of sleep last night and I feel fucking invincible and awake and is this how normal people feel when they wake up and sleep properly because I legitimately feel great rn

I thought I was broken and I thought I was used up and I thought I had nothing left to give. I’d given everything and I didn’t really know what was left. But there’s a part of us that is unbreakable. You always find it again.

Emma Watson

your name is literally acid on my tongue whenever i try to speak and boy, how you still burnnnnn. you were never sweet and graceful. always tart. always bitter. always unnerving.

chronicling my life tonight. it is now 1;26. i have not finished my second lab write up. taking longer than the first. mayday. i am dying. melting. tired. dead.

03 - The Grand Optimist


City And Colour - “The Grand Optimist”

I fear I’ll die from complications, complications due to things that I’ve left undone
That all my debts will be left unpaid, feel like a cripple without a cane
I’m like a jack of all trades who’s a master of none

Then there’s my father he’s always looking on the bright side
Saying things like “Son life just ain’t that hard”
He is the grand optimist, I am the world’s poor pessimist
You give him burdens sometimes and he will escape unscarred

I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother

But I used to be quite resilient, gained no strength from counting the beads on a rosary
And now the wound has begun to turn, another lesson that has gone unlearned
But this is not a cry for pity or for sympathy

I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother
I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother

wow i have been sitting here for an hour and a half and my writeup is not even a quarter of the way done
how… do people…. do schoolwork… other than the last minute…. idgi